Benefits of GPS

Targets Particles

When these ions disperse throughout a
space, such as your home, they combine with particles suspended in
the air. This creates a snowball effect in which particles of opposite polarities begin
to cluster together, which makes them
easier to capture in filtration systems.

Tackles Odors

GPS’ NPBI technology breaks down
chemical, pet, cooking and other odors
into basic harmless compounds, leaving
indoor air smelling fresh and substantially
reducing odor-causing VOCs.

Reduces Pathogens

During the NPBI process, contact with ions disrupts pathogens’
surface proteins, rendering them
inactive and unable to replicate.

Saves Energy

By keeping indoor air cleaner, NPBI
reduces the amount of air required from
outside to keep things fresh—saving
you initial ventilation equipment costs
and up to 30% on energy consumption.

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